BiXenon Projector kit with angel eyes halo MC-MH1

BiXenon Projector kit with angel eyes halo MC-MH1
BiXenon Projector kit with angel eyes halo MC-MH1 BiXenon Projector kit with angel eyes halo MC-MH1 BiXenon Projector kit with angel eyes halo MC-MH1 BiXenon Projector kit with angel eyes halo MC-MH1
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BKMOTO H1 Projectors one of the best performing and easiest projectors to install.

In most cases a simple bolt-on installation of the projectors into the H4 or H7 light bulb sockets with the provided mounting hardware.

Each projector kit will include everything that you need and will consist of the following:

2 bixenon projectors (low beam and high beam)
2 slim water proof ballast
2 35w H1 hid bulbs in 4300K (pure white) 6000K (blueish white) 8000K(blue)
2 complete slim Motorcycle wire\relay harnesses, all wires are the correct lenght specifically designed for motorcycles. (unlike most sellers who sell universal car projector kits which leave a mess of wires)..

Optional Angel Eyes / halos


We offer custom retrofits:

  • Install any of our compatible projector kits into your headlight.
  • Add Audi style LED strips
  • Black out the headlight reflectors
  • Install an on/off switch, to turn off HID's so you can have only angel eyes and LED strips on.
  • make kit completely plug and play with an H4 plug or two H7 plugs prewired.

Contact us for more info at



General installation instructions:

1. Remove headlight from bike
2. bake headlight in the oven for 5-8 minutes at 200 degrees, once the glue softens up, use flat head screw drivers to remove lens from headlight; you might need to repeat this a few times untill the lens is off.
3. Insert projectors into the light sockets, using the supplied adapter plates, fish halo wires though small hole at the base of the socket ( you might need to cut the halo wires, then reconnect once assembled).
5. connect projectors to wire harness and ballasts, turn them on by connecting white low beam wire to the positive + terminal on battery.
6. with projectors on, in the headlight put headlight on level surface, and shine them on a wall, you will now need to align the projectors, turn the projectors untill the beam is completely horizontal.
7. Once beam is aligned and horizontal, tighten rear nuts on projectors. (USE LOCKTITE!!)
8. put headlight back in oven for 5 minutes at 200 degrees to get the glue soft again, then close up the headlight.
9. connect wiring harnesses to battery and high and low beam signals
10. Connect Halo inverters,black ground halo wire to ground, and red positive halo wire to white low beam wire. (This way halos are always on during low beam and off during high beam).
11. find a good spot for the ballasts and wiring harnesses
12. put the bike back toghether
13. enjoy!

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